Smile Aesthetics: The Importance of Smile in Our Lives

The smile is considered one of the most important facial expressions in our lives and is a powerful non-verbal means of communication. An attractive smile not only impresses people, but also increases trust. Research shows that smiling people are more trusted. Smiling has a significant impact on facial attractiveness, voting, recruitment processes and other social interactions. People who are considered attractive are often perceived as more reputable, engaging and intelligent and receive more favourable reactions. Therefore, the mouth area, as the centre of facial communication, is of great importance in terms of smile aesthetics. Moreover, an ideal smile not only affects the perception of others, but also the psychological health, behaviour and character traits of the individual. An ideal smile is also associated with the perception of health and success.

In aesthetic dentistry, it is important to meet the increasing aesthetic expectations of our patients and to understand their unique needs. Each of our patients has unique needs and characteristics. Therefore, applying a standardised smile to everyone does not conform to the true understanding of aesthetic dentistry. Achieving an ideal smile requires a dentist who combines scientific aesthetic principles with artistic creativity.

Smile design is carried out in a sequence with consideration of certain elements:

  • Facial Analysis
  • Dentofacial Analysis
  • Dento-Labial Analysis
  • Dentogingival Analysis
  • Dental Analyses

These elements are closely interrelated and changing one may affect the others. This order of examination progresses from the macro-level assessment of the patient to the micro-level.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Tooth colour is under the influence of many factors. Internal or external discolouration can occur. Exogenous discolouration is usually caused by inadequate oral hygiene or lack of prophylactic cleaning, while endogenous discolouration can be caused by medications taken during tooth development, diseases or genetic factors. These discolourations are related to the tooth matrix and can be removed by bleaching.

Tooth colour is determined as a combination of the optical properties of the teeth. It is known that tooth colour is mainly determined by the dentin colour, while enamel colour plays a lesser role in determining tooth colour. Bleaching using chemical agents lightens the tooth colour by oxidising the organic pigments in the enamel and dentin tissue of the teeth.

Therefore, we are here to understand your smile aesthetics and teeth whitening needs and offer you the most suitable treatment. As Este North Clinic, we combine scientific principles and artistic creativity to meet the unique needs of each of our patients.

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