Prices of Hair Transplantation Procedures in Istanbul

Hair transplantation is usually performed under local anaesthesia and is usually painless. The operation starts with the removal of the donor area where the hair follicles are taken, usually from the nape of the neck or another part of the body. The hair follicles are then thinned and transplanted into balding or sparse areas. This aims to achieve a natural and permanent hairline and fullness. The recovery period usually ranges from a few days to a week and the patient can quickly return to normal daily activities. Full hair growth and results may take several months to be seen, but the results are usually permanent.

Individuals who want to have healthy and strong hair in a short time benefit from various hair transplantation techniques. The advantages of hair transplantation include denser and thicker hair growth. In addition, a procedure suitable for each individual’s hair structure is planned. People who want to have strong and long hair can perform hair transplantation operations through our company.

Hair transplantation procedures are designed in accordance with the hair structure of the person. Individuals who want to achieve the best results can have aesthetic and natural looking hair with regular session follow-up. A special procedure option is offered for each hair structure. In our clinic, there is a separate pricing for fast-acting procedures.

Hair Transplant Operations are Ideal for Improving Hair Appearance

Individuals who desire a healthy hair appearance prefer hair transplantation operations. These procedures aim to ensure that the hair grows healthier and stronger. In addition, each procedure is customised according to the needs of the person and pricing options are determined accordingly. Many people suffering from hair loss can visit our clinic and benefit from the advantages of hair transplantation immediately.

Hair Transplant, Fast and Strong Growing Hair

Hair transplantation operations are recommended for fast and strong growing hair. These procedures provide an aesthetic appearance of the hair and make it possible to have healthy, voluminous hair. Hair transplantation procedures performed by professionals increase the benefits of transplantation and help to achieve the desired results.