Hair transplantation operations are applied for people with localized hair loss or the onset of hair loss. Each application is personalized and performed using state-of-the-art technology devices.

Hair transplantation is the process by which new hair follicles begin to form through vitamins that penetrate the scalp in a special way. In our clinic, there are various treatments for hair transplantation, all of which help nourish the hair from root to tip. Hair transplantation is performed with FUE and DHI hair applications. These methods are applied to the scalp using micro-tipped devices. The hair transplantation process is completed by injecting vitamins that will form hair follicles. These applications provide a better quality and voluminous appearance when applied to all surfaces of the hair. In addition, hair loss is prevented and hair follicles are more firmly attached to the scalp.

Important Tips After Hair Transplant

There are some things to be considered after hair transplantation procedures. First of all, the use of chemical products should be avoided after the hair follicles are attached to the scalp, as these products can cause damage to the scalp.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation procedures provide many advantages. With these operations, new follicles are formed on the scalp and hair nutrition is supported. Proper care is important to achieve a more voluminous hair appearance.

The use of natural and nourishing hair oils supports hair transplantation procedures. In this way, the hair grows permanently and gains volume by reaching the desired length in a short time.