Hello, welcome to Este North Clinic! Gynaecomastia is known as breast enlargement in men and is becoming a problem that affects more and more men every day. This condition can cause changes in body structure and therefore it is important to take this condition seriously.

What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is defined as breast enlargement in men. While it used to be considered a problem seen only in lean men, today it is often associated with general fat accumulation in the body. A large proportion of cases of gynaecomastia are classified as “idiopathic” of unknown cause, while a small percentage occur as a result of hormonal disorders. Treatment of this latter condition requires correction of the underlying hormonal problem and therefore “laser breast correction” surgery is not recommended for this minority group of patients.

A Treatment Without Scars

The most important point in the treatment of gynaecomastia is that surgery can be performed without leaving any scars. At this point, laser gynaecomastia correction surgery is an important option. Laser gynaecomastia correction surgery is performed by opening very small holes and the scars left by these holes are extremely small, so a scarless appearance is obtained after surgery.

Noteworthy Information About Laser Breast Correction

  • Laser gynaecomastia surgery can be performed using laser energy to tighten the breast skin. This is not possible with conventional liposuction surgery.
  • After the surgery, physical activities can usually be started after one week.
  • Gynaecomastia usually occurs in children as a result of obesity or irregular diet and usually improves with age. However, gynaecomastia surgery should not be considered before the age of 18.

Gynaecomastia Classification

Gynaecomastia can be classified from stage one to stage four depending on skin enlargement. While the skin is not enlarged in the first stage, lines are formed under the breast in the fourth stage.

Anaesthesia and by whom should it be performed?

Gynaecomastia surgeries in the first and second stages can be performed under local anaesthesia, while general anaesthesia is preferred in advanced stages. Gynaecomastia surgeries should be performed by plastic surgeons with laser experience and should not be performed by general surgeons.

Male Body Shape and Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is female type breast enlargement in men and its incidence increases with ageing. Factors such as drug use and hormonal disorders can cause gynaecomastia. In addition, the use of anabolic steroids can also trigger this condition.

Step Forward with Este North Clinic

As Este North Clinic, we are experts in the treatment of gynaecomastia. We use modern methods such as laser gynaecomastia correction surgery to tighten the breast skin and solve this problem without leaving scars. We are here to offer you appropriate treatment options and personalised solutions.

Remember, do not underestimate your gynaecomastia problem and contact us for professional help. We will be happy to offer you a better quality of life. We wish you healthy and happy days!


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