Este North Clinic Eyelid Lift Surgeries: Bring Back Youth and Aesthetics

Eyelid lift surgeries offer a solution that improves the quality of life for many people who want to cope with the signs of aging. Excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids can negatively affect the aesthetic appearance over time and even limit vision. In this article, we would like to explain the advantages of laser eyelid lift surgery that we offer as Este North Clinic and why this surgery is preferred.

Why Eyelid Lift Surgery?

The main goal of eyelid lift surgeries does more than excess skin. These surgeries not only eliminate excess skin around the eyes, but also intervene in the fatty tissue that is displaced and herniated inside, loosened muscles and even existing crow’s feet. The result? It provides an aesthetic that takes the eye area back 20-25 years and gives youth and vitality.

Advantages of Laser Eyelid Lift Surgery

As Este North Clinic, we emphasise the many advantages of laser eyelid lift surgery over conventional surgery.

Leaves No Scars: The surgery planning is performed on the folded line when the eye is opened, so no scar is left. In the postoperative period, we can provide a complete lift by including the existing crow’s feet, thus eliminating the risk of creating a new scar.
Less Bruising and Oedema: Laser surgery is performed without the use of a scalpel and therefore greatly reduces the risk of bruising and oedema.
Fast Recovery: The laser vaporises and eliminates fat tissue and tightens the muscles. This speeds up the healing process and allows patients to return to their normal lives more quickly.
Less Pain: Laser surgeries usually cause less pain, which allows patients to have a comfortable recovery process.
Safe and Effective: Laser eyelid lift surgeries are performed safely by our expert surgeons and provide effective results.

As Este North Clinic, we approach each patient with a special perspective and offer the best treatment to suit their needs. We are here to guide you on your way to regain youth and aesthetics with eyelid lift surgeries. Contact us for more information and start regaining your days full of youth and vitality.


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