There are certain questions that come to mind about hair transplantation. If we summarize all of them briefly, it will be possible for you to decide. First of all, the side effect is a very curious issue. As long as it is done in the right place, hair transplantation does not have any side effects.

Hair transplantation may cause some problems in people with hereditary or chronic problems. For this, they should first decide in consultation with their own doctor. The age range for this operation is usually between 25-60 years old. It is not recommended to do too much before. Because our body development can continue until the age of twenty-five.

If needed, a second hair transplant operation can be performed, depending on the results of the previous procedure.

How Many Times Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed?

There is no medical age limit for hair transplantation for any adult. However, depending on the conditions, sometimes a single transplantation may not be sufficient. If the desired result is not obtained, hair transplantation can be performed twice. But for this to happen, a certain period of time must pass after the previous operation. This period should be at least two years. It should be waited as long as necessary whether the scalp will respond or not. Sometimes the lotion and care materials used can also reduce the effect.

Is it Religiously Right to Have a Hair Transplant?

There is no legislation on hair transplantation anywhere in the world and in any religion. It is not a procedure prohibited by our religion. There are two important issues. The first is to have it done at the right time. The second is to have it done in the right place.

A person having too much hair transplantation never has any religious consequences. However, it is physiologically important. Firstly, the problem source of the area to be transplanted should be determined. If it is an ongoing problem, this should be corrected first.

Hair transplantation is now getting very good results in our country. Even many European citizens prefer our country for this. We are at a very good point in terms of both price and physician quality.