As Este North Clinic, we are here to achieve the best results for you in breast contouring surgeries. The breast is an important component of the female body and includes many factors that affect your appearance. Breast shape and size can greatly affect your self-confidence and overall quality of life. Therefore, we can help you with our plastic surgery solutions to correct any aspect of your breasts that causes you discomfort.

You can consider the following situations about why breast contouring surgeries may be required:

Problems with Breast Size: Breast smallness or excessive size can limit your clothing options. Small breasts can be camouflaged using a bra in the summer, but this can be more difficult on the beach or in special moments. Overly large breasts can cause both physical and psychological problems. These problems can be solved from the age of 18, and problems such as breast hypertrophy can also be treated with the help of a laser.
Breast Shape Problems: Breast size can be proportional to the body, but sometimes the shape of the breast can cause problems such as unwanted fullness or nipples pointing sideways. Such conditions can lead to lack of self-confidence and psychological problems, so correction surgeries may be required.
Nipple Position Problems: The nipple may be in an incompatible position with the breast or problems such as sagging of the nipple may be encountered. These conditions may occur after childbirth or weight loss. Nipple sagging, called breast ptosis, may need to be corrected for aesthetic and psychological reasons.
Nipple Shape Problems: Excessively large or protruding nipples can cause difficulties with clothing. Such conditions can be corrected by surgical intervention to achieve a more aesthetic appearance.
Armpit and Surrounding Fat Deposits: Fat deposits around the breast can affect the breast shape. Techniques such as laser-assisted liposuction can be used to correct these conditions.

Breast problems can also be seen in men. Problems such as male breast enlargement, sagging or overgrown nipples can negatively affect the self-confidence and appearance of the person. Such situations can be solved without surgical intervention with scarless correction methods.

As aesthetic surgery, we are here to increase self-confidence and appearance. By offering you the most suitable solutions, we can help you get the breast you want. We welcome you to our clinic to share more information with you and create a personalised treatment plan. Remember, you have the right to feel good about yourself.


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