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We would like to explain the importance and benefits of body lift surgery for you. Body lift surgery is an aesthetic procedure that not only improves your appearance but also your self-confidence. This procedure gives you a younger and fitter appearance by improving your body shape and the tone of the tissues that support the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

During this surgery, excess sagging skin and unwanted fat tissue are removed, while irregularities on the skin surface are corrected. Body lift surgery can involve various areas. The abdominal area can be planned locally or expanded to the sides. The buttocks and legs are corrected in ways that cover different areas such as inner thighs, outer thighs or back legs. This surgery helps you restore tissue elasticity lost due to ageing, sun damage, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and genetic factors.

However, remember that body lift surgery is not only performed to remove excess fat. Liposuction can be an effective option for targeting excess fat tissue, but if skin elasticity is low or drastic changes in body shape are required, body lift surgery may be a more appropriate option.

Body lift surgery is suitable for people with the following conditions:

  • Severe soft tissue laxity in the body
  • Health problems that will not make recovery difficult
  • Having realistic expectations and a positive outlook
  • Not smoking
  • To have healthy eating and regular exercise habits

The results of body lift surgery will be visible immediately, but may require time for the full body shape to settle. Some scars may remain visible for a long time, but the results will be permanent with weight control and regular activities. Remember that the aging process continues, but the improvement you achieve after surgery is mostly permanent.

As a result, body lift surgery offers you the opportunity to lead a fitter, younger and more confident lifestyle. While correcting problems caused by loss of elasticity in the body, it further emphasises your natural beauty. As Este North Clinic, we are happy to help you on this journey of transformation. Contact us for more information and a personalised consultation and get one step closer to your dream body.


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