BODY SHAPING APPLICATIONS: Rediscover Natural Beauty

The body structure of each of us is unique and sometimes fat or deformations in certain areas that are not corrected by diet and exercise can be disturbing. As Este North Clinic, we offer a new way to shape the body and reveal natural beauty. Always considering the advantages of stem cell fat transfer, we reach more people with our body contouring applications.

Unlike traditional cosmetic injections, we have begun to use the body’s own fat as a kind of sculpture to solve aesthetic problems. This approach allows us to understand the unique needs of each of our patients and provide personalised solutions. We offer a way that will not only restore the balance of your body, but also allow you to achieve a natural beauty.

As Este North Clinic, we offer a range of aesthetic solutions such as Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, waist hollowing, buttock shaping, back fat removal, leg shaping, arm lift, inner thigh slimming, tummy tuck, belly button shaping, mons aesthetics and labia rejuvenation. Each treatment is customised to suit the needs and goals of our patients.

We also provide services to improve sexual health and satisfaction with some of our special procedures, such as g-spot sensitisation. These applications help our patients to feel better and increase their self-confidence.

As Este North Clinic, our goal is to reveal natural beauty and make each of our patients feel their best. With stem cell fat transfer and other innovative techniques, we help you discover a healthier, more attractive and happier you. We are here to meet your needs and offer you the most suitable solution. Choose Este North Clinic for a personalised body contouring experience and rediscover your natural beauty.


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